The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Course

The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer training course is made by Daniel Abelnoor, who is also known for giving the adequate training to dogs without employing shock collars, harsh words or any aggressive training techniques. Furthermore, this online training course is endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA.

Dan Abelnoor created the training tutorials in a form of a video in order for people to train their dogs in a much easier way. In fact, the videos will also provide them the proper method of raising a puppy, in addition to correcting the behavioral problems of the dog. Through the Doggy Dan Online Trainer, behavioral dog issues such as urinating in wrong places, aggression, stealing objects, jumping issues and many more are going to be addressed and be corrected.

Who is the Author and Why Should I listen to Him?

Daniel Abdelnoor, or popularly known as “Doggy Dan,”  is a native of Auckland, New Zealand. His natural connection with dogs has made him famous in the field of dog training, hence, the endorsement as a professional dog trainer by the Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

He is an advocate of animal rights, a teacher, author, speaker and a spokesperson for the man’s best friend. People would often ask Dan for help and advice regarding dog training which eventually prompted him to build this program in order extend help across the globe.

Through his bestselling dog training manual entitled “What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent’, Dan realized that his readers were still in need of advice, which he later figured would be easily done through videos.

Moreover, he also discovered that dog owners must have a space to share their concerns, and that they required a more in-depth guide. While others join obedience classes, some people have difficulty finding time for this. This was the reason “The Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer” was created to provide an in-depth guide for dog owners that can give detailed training methods, in which a TV show nor a book could not offer. The Online Dog Trainer assists members in properly identifying the behavior issues and traits that affect their dog and provide solutions as wells to their common concerns. Listen a TV interview of Doggy Dan author, he is a real deal!

What Includes in the Online Dog Trainer:

Unlike other online dog training sites, “The Online Dog Trainer” has significantly more content and offers a thorough description. With more than 250 videos, the training site covers several areas such as the dog’s excessive barking, the treatment of food guarding aggression, how to properly house train a puppy, helping the dog to be calm when riding in a car and a lot more.

Through this course, the dog owners are guaranteed to learn helpful tips on how to begin their puppy’s life from the moment they are home, as well as treating the unnecessary behaviors that have been established into an older dog’s system for several years.

Every important detail is discussed in more than the 250 short, but comprehensive, watchable training videos that are done in a gentle and highly effective manner.

Aside from providing the examples on the proper dog training, the psychology and theory which is used in “The Online Dog Trainer” is adequately explained in order for the dog owners to completely understand the reason behind everything seen on the video.

How This Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Course Works

The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer course provides more than 200 videos that can be found inside the member’s area. With the use of this approach, the detailed and large number of videos, Dan divided the whole dog training course into six various parts.

Part I. Be the Pack Leader

This part is necessary for dog owners who wish to be respected and obeyed by their dogs. The 22 videos that are provided in this part discuss the five simple Golden principles of dog training, including the dog training videos that aim to correct the behavioral problems like aggression, excessive barking and recalling issues. This part of the training course will help the dog owners become the leader of the pack and therefore create a strong relationship with their dogs.

Part II. Tools in Dog Training

In this portion, the dog owner will learn each and every method that is being used by Dan in training his client’s dogs, including his. With the 18 videos included in this part that are all very easy to understand and be applied, the users are guaranteed to achieve the full control of their dogs.

Part III. Training the Puppy

This part is especially created for those who wish for their new puppy to be enjoyed and liked as well  their family members, neighbors and friends. The 31 videos that are found in this portion discuss the issues on social training, general health, behavioral problems and a lot more.

Part IV. The Moses Video Diary

The 68 videos included in this part reveal the personal secrets of Dan on how he trained his dog Moses into becoming an amazing dog. Being the most important part of the training course, this part could help the user train easily, even an 8-year old puppy.

Part V. Dog Behavioral Issues

This part is recommended to those who want to address the behavioral problems of their dogs through the 56 videos that cover more than 30 behavioral dog problems. Issues such as aggression and stealing are discussed in the training videos through helpful tips and methods to properly correct the behavior.

Part VI. Advanced Dog Training

This portion of the dog training course is especially made for those who wish to have a better understanding of their dogs and create a wonderful connection with them. It has 41 videos that will teach the detailed ways on how to turn an aggressive dog into a gentle and well-mannered dog.

Features of Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer

The dog owners are guaranteed to learn a lot of important things in this training program regarding their dogs. To understand this, The Online Dog Trainer offers the following main sections which the information will fall into.

The Puppy Training

For dog owners who wish to know the appropriate method in training their new puppy, the website offers ‘Project Moses’, the most valuable segment of this course  to help them with their concerns.

This part applies the training used by Dan on his new Labrador puppy, Moses, from the time he brought him home at age 8 weeks old up to the period when the pup turns a year old. Furthermore, it lets the users see the proper ways to teach a puppy according to age, thus, provide them with the most appropriate structure for the continued good behavior in the later life of their new addition. The topics that are covered in this training course are:

  1. The proper toilet training for the new puppy
  2. The things to do when the new puppy is brought home
  3. The appropriate way to introduce the new pup to the family members, the new home and to other animal members of the family
  4. Training the puppy to be obedient
  5. The proper way to handle a crying puppy at night
  6. The crate training of the new puppy
  7. The proper way to teach the puppy to be happy and calm when home alone

Additional Puppy Training Tips

Aside from the tips found in “Project Moses” program, more puppy training guides are included such as:

  1.   Teaching the puppy to walk nicely on a leash
  2.    Walking the puppy without the use of the leash
  3.    Making the puppy stop from jumping up
  4.    Choosing the proper food for the puppy
  5.    How to differentiate a puppy biting and mouthing
  6.    Teaching the basic command and obedience training
  7.    The reason why and how the puppy must socialize

Addressing the Behavioral Issues

The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer method will teach the users how to treat a particular bad behavior, as well as its cause. It will help them not only to handle the behavior problem, but also look into what’s causing it, therefore making the dog become happier. Also, this technique will prevent more behavior issues to develop in the future once the root cause has been determined. Some behavior problems which Dan aims to treat in this program include:


  1.  Excessive barking
  2.  Aggression towards other animals and people
  3.  Hyperactivity
  4.  Poor recall
  5.  Biting and nipping
  6.  Pulling on the leash
  7.  Jumping up at people
  8.  Separation anxiety
  9.  Obsessive compulsive behaviors

Better Understanding of Dogs

The videos provided in the course will basically help the owners understand their dogs, which can improve their relationship with them. The content of the videos covers the following:

  1.  The “energy” of both the owner and the dog, and how to affect the reaction of the other dogs around
  2.    How the dogs learn and teaching them to learn faster
  3.    Building a trusting and rewarding connection between the owner and the dog
  4.    The effect of any subtle change in the owner’s voice in the dog’s perception
  5.    To learn to understand how dogs interact with children and to make the interaction safe
  6.    To learn employ food as rewards the proper way

What Kind of Results Will I Get?

The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is properly supported by more than 250 videos that contain the live training sessions of Dan as he demonstrates the methods on various types of dogs. This online training course is the only one of its kind to be certified by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New Zealand.

This comprehensive dog training program will teach the owners new tricks and tips  to help them understand their dogs in a gentle and friendly way.  In addition, the videos will also show how Dan disapproves the way some owners are using in correcting the behavior of dogs, as he advocates the principle that dog obedience will not be achieved by those who use the wicked methods.

This online dog training guide offers an effective program to make an excellent dog trainer or one who wants to improve a dog perfectly without using any cruel method or anything that will hurt them. It is a comprehensive manual created to make a perfect outcome. Also, it is simple to use, as the users will only have to continue watching the videos and copy or perform the number of techniques shown there.

The techniques are the same ones which the author has been using in training even the most difficult to handle dogs and turning them efficiently to become obedient. Through the videos provided in this online dog training course, the users will be able to get the most excellent results like the done achieved by Dan.

Advantages for Using Doggy Dan Training Program:

There are a number of advantages in using this dog training program and one of these is the simple  but effective method of learning through videos than reading from a book. Watching the video as Dan trains the dogs will teach the owners the exact gestures, body language, cues as well as the proper tone of the voice that he employs – a much better way to understand compared to just reading a manual. The users will get to watch the training techniques and apply them to their dogs later.

In addition, Dan’s passion for dogs and his positive energy is very encouraging to watch. His presentation of the principles of dog training in a simple way, without the use of any complex dog training language, makes the program very helpful and easy to understand.

Another advantage is that it does not depend excessively on treats as a form of reward. Although a treat can help in making the dogs behave, too much reliance of this method will later become a problem to the owner when there is no treat as reward at hand. In fact, too much use of such technique could also be unhealthy for the dog. While The Doggy Dan method uses a treat at some point, it does not use it excessively.

Importance of Joining The Doggy Dan Program:

With the number of dog training eBooks or books available the market these days, they do not, however, have the positive effects on dogs since they only offer theoretical ideas with no live training examples. The Online Dog Trainers, therefore, is effective because of the following reasons:

  1.    It offers everything that needs to know in correcting the behaviors of dogs or puppies at all ages
  2.    Everything in the program is endorsed by the SPCA and is proven by real curriculum
  3.    It is the only international dog training video program
  4.    The simplest methods are used which make them easily employed at home
  5.    Quick and exact results are guaranteed
  6.    After a 3-day trial period, the user will get free bonuses
  7.    The users can cancel the program if they do not find it helpful after using it for 3 days
  8.    The program is gentle to dogs and puppies

Testimonials Of Real Users Who Give Thumbs Up:

“With the help of Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer, our puppy Reggie’s behavior has significantly improved!  The method used was fun, entertaining, calm and did not seem to give the pup the impression of being trained. Seeing the positive effect to Reggie’s behavior, I am recommending the program to other dog owners who are seeking for help in solving the bad behavior of their dogs. Dan’s work seems to be perfect as well for those who just wish to provide the best possible beginnings for their new puppy. I am looking forward to watching more of its videos.” – Russel Smith

How Much Cost You?

A regular personal consultation will cost $395. But the website offers membership that will provide more than 250 videos for a 3-day trial period for just $1 at a limited time only. The members are also encouraged to share their success story for a surprising price. After trying the program for 3 days, the members will be charged for $37 on the initial month and $37 for the following month if they remain a member.

What I Get as a Bonus Along with This Program?

For only $1, the users gain access to a 3-day trial of Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. After this, they can have access to more than 250 expert training videos; providing tips to perfect toning the voice, use of body language and a lot more.

If they wish continue, they be charged for only $37 per month, and they can also choose to discontinue should they begin not to like what they see. But with level of detail that Dan offers, including the wide range of advantages the program provides, very few choose to leave the forums because they are learning so much from the entire online trainer.

More than 10,000 dog lovers are currently part of the Doggy Dan’s online community, reaching out several dog owners across the globe to make the canine become friendly companions. Dan is also very active on the website to respond immediately within hours as he enjoys welcoming the new members.

The 4 free bonuses are: Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Audio Library – “Understanding your dog PART 1″, Doggy Dan’s Puppy Talk Series 1 – “7 Secrets To Puppy Training”, Doggy Dan’s Dog Talk Series 1 – “9 Advanced Vocal Commands” and Membership to Doggy Dan’s Exclusive Online Forum.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

Aside from the three-day trial, Doggy Dan also gives a 60-day 100 percent money back guarantee to the users. Which means that they can cancel their membership at any time within the first 60 days of subscription if they think that the program is not working for them. Any paid subscription amount will be refunded.

Final Verdict – What We Suggest

The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is the only dog training program that is established by a well-known dog training expert and is fully endorsed by the SPCA of New Zealand. The users will receive more 200 videos, access to the forums and the chance to be answered by Daniel himself with regards to their dog problems.

The users will also get detailed guidelines on the proper training of puppies with easy and effective method. The online trainer will teach them to solve dog behavior concerns and explain to them the reason why the problems happen.

The techniques used by Dan in the dog training program are guaranteed free from cruel method – the main goal of the program is to assist the dog owners to establish a strong connection with their dogs.