7 Must Have Dog Items For Your Puppy

Basic Dog Training And Food Secrets

Everyone can have a pet dog with a little investment. The important thing after having a pet dog is to know how to take care of it. You must have dog items that are used on a daily basis. The pet dog is not just another street dog that feeds on garbage and stay in filthy conditions. There are many instances of owners disowning their dogs and leaving them on streets just because they are not able to take care of it. One should treat a puppy just like another member in the family. The owner of the dog has to take care of its vaccinations, food, hygiene and should ensure its regular checkups to the Veterinarian.

There are numerous pick-up dog facilities available for vaccinations, cleaning up and other small things. In this post I will enrich you with some important dog items or facilities that you should have.

    1. Good food: The key to dog’s health is the quality and quantity of the food given to him. The pet owners should take consultation from the Veterinarian and give him the food according to his diet chart. In a research, it was found out that the quality dog food should consist of eighteen percent protein, five percent fat and a significant amount of vitamins and minerals should be incorporated in the diet. The food given to the dog should be genuine and authentic. There are various online and offline stores available where in dog food such as Nature’s Variety, Blue Buffalo and Orijen Puppy Food are easily available. You must have a look at nutritious dog food brands for puppies. If you’re feeding your dog with human food, then you should STOP right now! There are so many bad foods for dogs that can make them sick.
    2. Dog Utensils: The utensils of the dog should obviously be separated from the rest of the family. There should be food and water bowls for the dog. The important thing here to take in account is that the containers should be stainless free. It should not be of glass or ceramic as it might contain lead chemical. Another thing to take in account is that the plastic bowls are a big no-no as it contains loads of bacteria if there is residue left inside the container.
    3. Collar and leash: This is a must have and a basic necessity for all the breeds of dogs. The collar is attached to the leash. The collar should not be so tight and there should be two fingers gap between the collar and dog’s neck. The leash which is attached to the collar is there to give control to the dog while walking or during training. The collar should have the name of the owner and phone number in case the dog is lost. There are so many different types of dog training collars. You must know the advantage of each of one.
    4. Make up or grooming kit essentials: Your dog needs to be groomed well so that your dog maintains the hygiene at your home. It is extremely necessary that the dog takes regular bathing. In case your dog has fur like St. Bernard then the dog should undergo regularly cutting and shampooing. Small things like trimming of nails, ears cleaning and brushing of teeth should also be taken into account while grooming. There should be separate towels and powder for the dogs. Do you know, how to wash a dog properly?
  1. Fun Toys: Every dog needs some toys to play with. I am not talking about stuff toys like dolls as dogs would probably end up ripping them apart. Dogs need fetching toys like balls, discs and other innovative toys that are made especially for dogs. The toys should be durable and of good quality. If not they will rip them apart in no time. They can also have a plastic bone as a toy which they can play with it. This will also make their teeth good as it would help them gnawing.
  2. Kennels or Steel Confinement: If your dog is wild and cannot leave them open for all the times, then you definitely need a steel confinement for your dog. The confinement should be much bigger than the dog’s height and you should never forcefully make him enter the confinement if he is not adjusting in it. You should inspect the confinement personally before caging him temporarily.
  3. Training Instructions Manual: You should be well aware of the training instructions manual or read my previous article on various training instructions that you should teach your dog. One can also hire a professional if you want your dog to be trained well. Here’s the best Training Instructions Book : “Basic Dog Training System“. This is the must-have book for all dog owners. Above are 7 must have dog items for every dog owner.

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