About Us

Hi Friends!

I am Peterson from USA. I developed this website to share my experience with you about the Doggy Dans Online Dog Trainer Course. It is an amazing and reliable online course which i have ever seen and tested before. The author “Daniel Abdelnoor is also famous as Doggy Dan a professional dog trainer. Read my Dog story, how this professional Guy helped us.

Our little Cavachon puppy, Lucy was unable to walk on a leash without pulling, cowered at passing cars and was not able to greet her fellow canines politely. She also needed some basic obedience training so I turned to Doggy Dan for help. His kindness, patience and persistence really made a difference in how Lucy behaved while on her walks and at home. It turns out Lucy’s owner needed some training too. Doggy Dan gave me some ingenious ways to challenge Lucy during the day, tricks to keep her stimulated and happy, small ways to change our routine to curb undesirable behavior and ways to train her in small increments to just make her a nicer companion.

We are committed to our pets and are much happier with them when there are no behavior problems. To that end, I’m enrolling Lucy in some agility training with Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer which will give her confidence, more exercise, as well as just having fun on the agility course that Doggy Dan has. Lucy loves Doggy Dan  and shows enthusiasm and true joy when they work together. This is the biggest and best endorsement itself. Another huge plus is that not only is Lucy getting the very best training and having fun while doing it, but she’s exhausted when she gets home!