Best Dog Training Tips

One-On-One Session

Is there such a thing as the best dog training? Every dog lover wants the best of everything for their buddy… the best food, the best veterinary care, and the best possible dog training. Nevertheless, wanting the best and actually knowing how to go about giving it to them are two very different things. If your busy lifestyle keeps you on the go most of the time, then you should consider what effect this could have on your dog’s behavior. Read More

5 Creative Ways to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Dog

5 Creative Ways to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Dog

Long gone are the days when dogs were simply animals we let sleep in our backyards to bark at would be intruders.  Dogs are part of our families.  They walk the line between our wise best friends, which are capable of deeper empathy than any other creature alive, and our silly children than make messes and chase the neighbor’s cat.  I simply cannot imagine my life without dogs.

So the question I want to address today is; what can we do to strengthen this bond even more?  Below I am going to share 5 creative ways I tried to use my imagination to connect to my dogs.  By engaging in the following activities, we made our family unit more cohesive, and our living environment more peaceful. Read More