Save Dog Food What not to Feed Your Dog

Do you feed your dog table scraps and cat food? You aren’t on your own there a lot of folks that do but perhaps you aren’t aware that this is not a safe dog food?  Much of the food that people eat is not designed for dogs, which have a completely different metabolism to us. Even food manufactured for other animals such as cats can be toxic or dangerous to our canine friends. You could be poisoning your beloved dog and not even know it. Read More

How to Stop Dog FromChewing

If you want to stop dog from chewing inappropriate items then you need to understand the cause and provide proper chewing materials.

Stop Dog Chewing

Why would you want to stop dog from chewing, after its only natural isn’t it? Well it is one of the major problems for the new dog owner and if you want to stop dog chewing on undesirable items then it’s important to understand that dogs chewing can be solved like many other dog related issues. Read More

How to Stop Dog Jumping

To stop dog from jumping on people, you have to understand what starts a dog jumping up in the first place. One of the first things you might have to tackle in puppy training is this problem and if left you can end up with an adult dog balancing on your shoulders which is not to be recommended!


It is highly unlikely that your dog wants to be aggressive but this can turn into an embarrassing situation. Its perhaps not in the realm of learning how to stop a dog biting but certainly one that you want to avoid. Having your dog jumping up on a neighbor or child can be frightening if not downright dangerous in the wrong circumstances, like near traffic for example. Read More

How to Train a Dog to Stop Pulling in Minutes

Dog problems are often equaled by those of the owner. When people have dog problems, they often think it’s the dog and not them causing the problems. But, dog problems can’t exist in an environment not conducive to survival. You’re experiencing dog problems because the environment, in which your dog lives, isn’t conducive to good choice making.

Think about it this way: When your dog is playing with another dog in a wooded area, does he play around the trees, or does he run into a tree every ten steps? Your dog avoids the trees yet, he’s not afraid of playing around them. That’s because your dog knows that as long as he doesn’t run into one of them, he’ll be alright. Read More

Potty Train Your Puppy a Challenging Job

Potty training your puppy can both be easy or challenging. The difference is on how much time and dedication you are prepared to put into coaching. Follow these very simple tips to get your puppy into the appropriate way to absolutely free living and to avoid accidents. To have good tips on how to train your puppy. I am pretty sure that you will be guided safely training your puppy with guide of doggy dans online dog trainer. These are some tips containing of the training guide. Read More

Natural and Organic Dog Treatment Tips

We all recognize that a nutritious puppy treatment is a single of the least complicated techniques in the course of which we can assure the Terrific exercise of our most loved animals. These days, organic and natural pet dog treatment is the increasing fashion. A natural and organic canine treatment features natural and organic merchandise within just get in the direction of treatment for the pets. A healthful natural and organic canine treatment incorporates unique natural and organic products and solutions together with nutrients, natural and organic meals, organic therapies, nutritional supplements, bedding substance, snacks, prescription drugs, flea regulate and other distinctive uncooked items. It is one particular of the holistic system during which we can treatment for our puppy pet dogs and cats. Read More

 7 Must Have Dog Items For Your Puppy

Basic Dog Training And Food Secrets

Everyone can have a pet dog with a little investment. The important thing after having a pet dog is to know how to take care of it. You must have dog items that are used on a daily basis. The pet dog is not just another street dog that feeds on garbage and stay in filthy conditions. There are many instances of owners disowning their dogs and leaving them on streets just because they are not able to take care of it. One should treat a puppy just like another member in the family. The owner of the dog has to take care of its vaccinations, food, hygiene and should ensure its regular checkups to the Veterinarian. Read More

Does Your k-9 Need Expensive Dog Trainer Classes?

Does Your k-9 Need Expensive Dog Trainer Classes?

Every dog owner knows there is some level of expense when taking care of their furry friend. Just like a child, dogs have needs that must be supplied so they are safe, healthy and happy. Unfortunately, there is one area dog owners are spending hundreds of dollars on and there simply is no need! The dog owners of the world seem to have mistakenly garnered the mindset that if they enroll their dog in dog trainer classes they will suddenly become the “perfect” dog. These training schools charge as much as $500 dollars to teach a dog how to sit, roll over and beg. Regrettably, attending dog trainer classes does not necessarily ensure a dog will become well-behaved and controlled. Read More

How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

One of the biggest conundrums faced by dog owners is: how to stop your dog from digging? Why does my dog dig up my beautiful garden? Perhaps taking your dog’s point of view might help you understand! Stranger things have happened!

Your dog, if he/she is like my dog, digging is certainly not an attempt to annoy you or ruin your garden out of spite. Dogs don’t think like humans- and this rationality is definitely that of a human. Dogs are fun loving animals, and they dig for fun. Younger dogs and puppies dig simply because they exploring and playing. Whether it’s soil, sand, mud, stone or grass, they are curious. Sometimes Dogs Gig to get Cooler If it’s a hot day, they will dig for cooler ground and sit in it. By the same token, they’ll dig if they’re too cold as well to build a ‘den.’ Then again, maybe they just have a lot of pent up energy and they are looking for a way to express and expend it. Read More

6 Tips How To Potty Train A Dog

6 Tips How To Potty Train A Dog

The Right Procedure, Do not worry…since when it comes to how to potty train a dog, the saying “you can’t teach your dog new tricks” does not apply. You are lucky, if you have adopted a new dog that has already been potty trained. One major mistake that some dog owners make when initiating the dog potty training procedure is, jumping to the potty training step right away without allowing their dogs to go through other essential steps or training first. Stop Dog Accidents Forever. Read More