Does Your k-9 Need Expensive Dog Trainer Classes?

Does Your k-9 Need Expensive Dog Trainer Classes?

Every dog owner knows there is some level of expense when taking care of their furry friend. Just like a child, dogs have needs that must be supplied so they are safe, healthy and happy. Unfortunately, there is one area dog owners are spending hundreds of dollars on and there simply is no need! The dog owners of the world seem to have mistakenly garnered the mindset that if they enroll their dog in dog trainer classes they will suddenly become the “perfect” dog. These training schools charge as much as $500 dollars to teach a dog how to sit, roll over and beg. Regrettably, attending dog trainer classes does not necessarily ensure a dog will become well-behaved and controlled.

Why are Dog Owners Wasting Hundreds of Dollars on Dog Trainer Classes?

When dog owners speak about their reasons for enrolling their dog in dog trainer classes, it is often because of unwanted behaviors the dog is exhibiting. They believe with training their dog will suddenly begin acting like Lassie and become intelligent beyond their expectations. Because of these high expectations, most dog owners are frustrated because their pooch returns with the same behaviors they thought dog trainer classes would get rid of. While these schools are successful in teaching dogs to follow simple commands, the training takes place in an unrealistic environment that is mostly free of any social obstacles such as people and other dogs. When owners try to use the same training techniques that were learned in dog trainer classes, they often find their dog just does not seem to want to respond at the level he would in school. The reason for this is the dog has not been trained in a real environment and the owner has not been educated on how to become the alpha or pack leader in charge.

What Can Dog Owners Do to Curb Bad Behaviors?

Dogs that excessively bark, growl, nip and demand constant attention is not bad dogs; they have simply not been properly trained and put in their place. A dog that is exhibiting these behaviors considers himself to be the alpha (the one in charge). A dog owner that addresses these issues from the beginning will have no need for dog trainer classes and will end up saving themselves hundreds of dollars and hours of stress and annoyance. When a dog thinks he is the pack leader, it is his job to protect his owner and his property. This is why a dog will bark and growl at guests, birds, other dogs and even noises. He does not know he is being annoying; he thinks he is doing his job .Dogs will follow their owners everywhere they go, not because they are vying for attention, but because they want to make sure their owner is protected. Fortunately, these behaviors can be changed when the owner steps into their role as pack leader and puts their dog in its proper place as a pack member. Once the owner is in charge, the dog will listen to short commands and stop barking, growling and presenting other unwanted behaviors. Though it takes some time establishing oneself as the alpha, it is not difficult to do. Learn the secret   ‘Way To An Obedient Dog‘ with over 10,000 happy dog owners!

How Can Owners Establish Themselves as Leaders of the Pack?

Following these easy steps will help dog owners to ensure their dog knows their owner is the leader of the pack and, therefore, the one in charge. One of the best ways to train a dog into accepting his owner as alpha is taking him for a walk. When most owners take their dog for a walk, they allow the dog to walk them. Even if the dog is not being aggressive and is listening to commands, he is being taught bad behavior in the process. A dog should never walk in front of his owner. The dog that leads the pack is the one in charge. Dog owners that allow their dog to walk in front are making him believe he is in charge:-

  1. To reverse this thinking in a dog, an owner must walk in front of the dog or allow him to walk to the side.
  2. Owners must always eat before their dog since this is the order that naturally occurs in the wild. When feeding their dog, the owner should eat a snack first and make sure their dog is watching them. Once they have eaten a few bites, they can then feed the dog. Never feed a dog from the table as this reinforces he is in control!
  3. The dog owner must never allow their dog to go through a door or up the stairs before them. The alpha is the leader of the pack and leads the way.
  4. When an owner leaves the room, they should ignore their dog for a couple of minutes upon their return. It is also important to ignore them when the owner first comes home.
  5. Dogs should never be allowed to sleep in the same bed as the owner. If the dog must sleep in the same bed, he should be invited to come lay down and not be allowed to sleep beside the owner. For some dog owners, these steps may seem overly harsh, but they are not. These simply help owners to re-establish the roles in their home so they become the alpha and their dog follows their lead at all times. Those who are successful in establishing this hierarchy are amazed at how their dog suddenly begins to listen and respond to commands.

Final Dog Trainer Conclusion

While it may seem easier to send a dog off to dog trainer classes, owners are truly wasting their money if they expect this training to change their dog’s behavior. In reality, it is the owner who needs to be trained so they stop allowing their dog to be the pack leader. Those who have dogs who are unruly in their behavior will find this process will always work if it is done consistently. It is simply a matter of showing a dog who is the boss so they naturally know their place and respond as they should to their owner’s commands. With this training pursuit, a dog owner can experience joy with their furry friend instead of constantly barking out orders that go unheeded.

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