Save Dog Food What not to Feed Your Dog

Do you feed your dog table scraps and cat food? You aren’t on your own there a lot of folks that do but perhaps you aren’t aware that this is not a safe dog food?  Much of the food that people eat is not designed for dogs, which have a completely different metabolism to us. Even food manufactured for other animals such as cats can be toxic or dangerous to our canine friends. You could be poisoning your beloved dog and not even know it.

Totally Toxic Foods for Doggy to Avoid

Chocolate: Although we love chocolate, it contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline which can fatally affect the heart and nervous system in large quantities. Do not give your dog chocolate or chocolate cookies. If you must give chocolate type treats, there are dog alternatives.

Alcohol: People think it’s funny to watch a dog drink beer, become intoxicated and stagger about. But dogs can die of alcohol poisoning as a result of lapping up far less alcohol than humans can tolerate. Hops, which are used in the manufacturing of beer, may cause seizures. Trust me; this happened to a friend of mine. Her puppy managed to get into a bottle of liqueur and drank some of it. She was very drunk. She had the mother of all hangovers and now has internal damage which has shortened her life span.

Grapes or Raisins: Contain a toxin which can shut down your dog’s kidneys.

Raw liver
Contains large amounts of Vitamin A which can adversely affect muscles. Might be good for us but not for our four legged friend.

Additional Hidden Dog Food Secrets

Onions and garlic: These odorous bulbs may damage red blood cells and cause anaemia if eaten in large quantities.

: Contains fungi toxins which can affect multiple organs in canines.

Raw Dough with Yeast
: If your dog was to accidentally eat bread dough that was rising, and they do, consuming the dough may cause painful gas or perhaps bloating, which can cause rupture of intestines in very small dogs.

Foods that can Block the Digestive System

Bones: Especially chicken bones which are sharp and pointy. These may block or, more likely, rupture the intestines.

Persimmons: Seeds can block the intestines. The same goes for fruit with pits such as apricots peaches, and plums.

String: Some dogs will eat anything. If they like to rip apart baseballs and tennis balls, some are filled with string that a dog may consume. Golf balls too present a similar danger.

The Dangers of Table Scraps

If you love to scrape your left overs into your dog’s dish, make sure that table scraps only account for 10 per cent of his daily food intake. My advice would be to stop this habit in any event as it can encourage begging. Table scraps do not adequately nourish a dog. And, if your mutt likes to eat off your cat’s food dish, don’t let him. Cat food typically is too high in protein and fats for your dog.

Some Dogs are Built to Eat Garbage

Pure bred dogs typically have more delicate health and a more sensitive stomach. A mixed breed dog historically is healthier and can tolerate a wide variety of bad food, such as spoiled food found in garbage, raw eggs which may contain salmonella and table scraps. It doesn’t mean that this is safe dog food, simply that a mixed breed dog can be more resilient.

How to Tell if your Dog’s Eaten Something Bad

If your dog has not had a bowel movement in three days, or if he appears constipated, he could have a blocked intestine. Vomiting is also a sign of this or poisoning. If your dog is not behaving as his usual self and is urinating in the house or not at all, seek attention from your local veterinarian.

If you want to ensure that you feed your dog great food from day one and dont’ accidentally poison him then I would recommend that you take a look at this.


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