How to Stop Dog FromChewing

If you want to stop dog from chewing inappropriate items then you need to understand the cause and provide proper chewing materials.

Stop Dog Chewing

Why would you want to stop dog from chewing, after its only natural isn’t it? Well it is one of the major problems for the new dog owner and if you want to stop dog chewing on undesirable items then it’s important to understand that dogs chewing can be solved like many other dog related issues.

What are the main reasons that pet owners want to stop dog from chewing? Well, firstly it can be dangerous for your pet; he might chew on an electrical wire, for example. Other items could cause injury to his mouth, or digestive system. Something that contains fiberglass for example, may not feel sharp, but would fill his mouth and throat with glass splinters. He could chew on something toxic. Your treasured belongings might also fall victim to his voracious appetite!

If chewing can be so dangerous, why do dogs do it? There are several natural reasons for dogs to chew. All dogs chew to exercise their jaw muscles. They also chew for enjoyment–because they are naturally suited to gnawing on hard bones, they’ve evolved to enjoy chewing itself. Just watch any wildlife program about wild dogs and you will understand that this is their natural inclination.
The most prevalent reason for undesirable chewing is this: Yes it is instinctive but, he just doesn’t understand what he is and isn’t allowed to chew on. This might just be the reason for your dog’s antisocial behavior and, simply providing him with toys and approved chew bones will probably help.

Praise him when he is chewing on one of his toys or bones, and if he chews on something he shouldn’t, reprimand him firmly, and take the item away. He’ll soon learn that he is just not supposed to chew on certain things, but that there are things he is allowed to chew.

When you discover the cause of your own dog’s chewing habits, you can work towards teaching him not to chew the wrong thing.

Beyond the natural inclination, there are some causes that may make your dog’s chewing problem worse.

Young puppies are just like children, they could be teething. This can exacerbate their need to chew to such an extent that they simply are unable to respond to verbal praise or discipline. They are in pain! Their jaws itch and hurt, and chewing makes them feel better. Just like with children, you can give them something to teeth with. Your local pet store will have puppy teething toys that you can freeze. These toys are fun for puppies and will soothe their teething problems. This can keep their focus on something that it is safe for them to chew on and keep them off the undesirable or unsafe items.

Another very common cause of chewing that’s unresponsive to training is boredom, or anxiety caused by boredom. If your dog is left alone for long hours or in a small space for too long, he will work out his anxiety by chewing. To stop dog from chewing in these circumstances, try to spend more time with him, and when you’re away, supply him with special entertaining toys. If he’s left alone for extended periods of time frequently, consider having a dog-walker come and take him out while you’re gone.

By considering why your dog might be causing damage by chewing, you need to eliminate the obvious reasons for this behavior and if he continues to chew when he is beyond teething and he isn’t left alone for long periods then there may be other factors at play. A further understanding of canine psychology should prove useful to you and your pet if you are to stop dog from chewing all of your favorite items.

For further help and advice in what can be a problematic area that needs to be tackled promptly, I recommend that you take a look at this.


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