How to Stop Dog Jumping

To stop dog from jumping on people, you have to understand what starts a dog jumping up in the first place. One of the first things you might have to tackle in puppy training is this problem and if left you can end up with an adult dog balancing on your shoulders which is not to be recommended!


It is highly unlikely that your dog wants to be aggressive but this can turn into an embarrassing situation. Its perhaps not in the realm of learning how to stop a dog biting but certainly one that you want to avoid. Having your dog jumping up on a neighbor or child can be frightening if not downright dangerous in the wrong circumstances, like near traffic for example.

This can be one of the more difficult habits to crack.

What Makes a Dog Jump?

The dog doesn’t understand that this behavior is unacceptable as it is part of a dogs make up. It’s natural for a dog to greet another by having a good old sniff for identification purposes and they like to be on the same level. (That dominance thing again)The subordinate dog likes to lick the face of the more dominant one. Unfortunately as we are often much taller than a dog so they have to jump, high!

Your dog may also be trying to assert dominance. Jumping on you or your guests or furniture is his signal that he thinks he is in control and you need to dissuade him of that notion.

Certainly dogs can get excited and if they are rewarded for this then they have a tendency to repeat the behavior.When you arrive home not only is he excited and happy to see you, all that jumping around gets him even more excited. Just as children have a harder time listening and obeying when they’re very excited, so do dogs.

If you have a tendency to greet your dog by encouraging his behavior and entering into the game, well you aren’t doing him any favors or yourself for that matter. By taking him out for a walk or immediately feeding him, you are signalling a reward system is in place. He associates his jumping up with a gift. Dogs are not rational; they see things in a very simplistic way.

Starting to Stop Dog From Jumping.What should you do?

The first step you should take towards properly addressing this issue is helping to lower his excitement at the arrival of a human being. If you can help him make a habit of being calmer, he’ll be much better able to focus on your instructions.

To do this, don’t encourage his excitement when you arrive home. Don’t greet him or pet him when you walk in the door; wait about ten minutes, and then praise him for waiting.

Another thing that helps is for you to bend down to your dog when you do greet him. This shows him he doesn’t have to jump up. If you want to be close to him, you can bend down. During the process of saying hello, praise him repeatedly as long as he isn’t jumping.

Third, minimize rough play. If your dog gets excited, jumping on you, and wrestling during play time, he associates being happy with these behaviors. The less you engage in these types of games, the more you encourage him to behave appropriately at all times. Gentle games reinforce the concept that he must be gentle with people. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have some fun time with your dog but there is a time and a place for everything.

Fourth and finally you need to learn how to teach your dog to “sit”. This is a very basic but important command and one of the most important ones in dog training. This needs to be practised every day until your dog understands it. A dog learns the word no easily but might not understand why you are saying no. Dogs simply do not understand our language but they do understand body language and they learn to understand the meaning of sounds. Teaching him a command like “sit” does two things: it stops his bad behavior, because he stops moving and sits down, and it gets his attention and helps him focus.

With these four basic tips, and an understanding of canine nature, you can train your dog to stop jumping. It will take patience and consistency but you can do it.

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